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Pendant Light Venus 2.0 in Elegant Oak

Height: 440 mm 

Largest diameter: 435 mm 

Smallest diameter: 325 mm

Material: MDF

Use: indoor

Handmade in Spain.

The Pendant Light Venus 2.0 is sold fully assembled including: E27 lamp holder, 150 cm silk effect round electric textile cable, rosette. Handmade with love and care, each piece is a unique work of art, a testament to our commitment to excellence.


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Transform your interior decor with the alluring Venus 2.0 Pendant Light, in elegant oak

Utilising the innovative parametric design technique, Lovinne has reimagined their classic Venus lamp shape, adding an elegant elevated tube, which enhances its entire presence. 

Embracing graceful curves in place of harsh lines and minimalism, the Venus 2.0 Pendant Light brings an air of sophistication, personality, and warmth to any setting.

Characteristics of the Venus 2.0 Pendant Lighting:

Height: 440 mm 

Largest diameter: 435 mm 

Smallest diameter: 325 mm

Material: MDF

Use: indoor

Handmade in Spain.


What is included?

The Pendant Light Venus 2.0 is sold fully assembled including: E27 lamp holder, socket, 150 cm long silk effect round electric textile cable, rosette. Light bulb not included.

The Venus 2.0 Pendant Light boasts eye-catching design and exceptional quality, making it a standout choice for illuminating your interior.

Its unique combination of aesthetics, form, and functionality defines its character, allowing it to harmonise with diverse decor styles.

Handcrafted in wood and available in two exquisite finishes – oak or sleek black – the Venus 2.0 Pendant Light offers a choice to suit your interior design preferences.┬á

The Venus 2.0 Pendant Light embodies the essence of Mediterranean craft work, reflecting tradition, innovation, and timeless beauty. Handmade with love and care, each piece is a unique work of art, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

The Venus 2.0 Pendant Light offers a unique opportunity to enhance your decor with a distinctive, handmade piece that exudes character and warmth.


Venus 2.0 Pendant Lighting FAQ: 


What is the story behind the Venus 2.0 Pendant Light?

The narrative of Lovinne unfolds with a union of creativity, as Nadia and Joan joined forces to establish the brand.

They share a profound commitment to harnessing the transformative potential of light within living spaces. For them, light is not merely a functional element but an infinite resource, a crucial element for enhancing human well-being.

Incepted from this shared vision, L├Şvinne encapsulates their dedication to infusing femininity and elegance into the realm of lighting design. Their approach defies convention, founded on a blend of artisanal craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, innovative techniques, and boundless experimentation. Their primary choice of wood as a material opens the door to a multitude of creative shapes, while parametric design introduces a new realm of captivating forms.

The L├Şvinne pendant lamps transcend mere illumination; each one narrates a distinct story. They represent a harmonious fusion of natural elements, human ingenuity, and ever-evolving design trends.

Above all, the Venus 2.0 Pendant Light serves as a testament to sustainability and a commitment to crafting spaces that strike the perfect equilibrium between light and beauty. If you seek to infuse your surroundings with a touch of enchantment,  this lamp presents the ideal solution.


Where to place your Venus 2.0 Pendant Light? Illumination Design Tips and Creative Ideas:

Perfect for both open and semi-open spaces, the Venus 2.0 Pendant Light shines brilliantly in living rooms and above dining tables, infusing any room with a touch of Mediterranean charm.

For individuals seeking to enhance their interior decor, the Venus 2.0 Pendant Light in oak presents itself as an exceptional choice, seamlessly harmonizing with a variety of design aesthetics.

To achieve an ideal placement, consider suspending the lamp above focal pieces of furniture or in central areas of a room to capture attention.

Tailor the lamp’s height based on your desired ambiance – position it higher to provide general room illumination, or lower it over a dining table or kitchen island for a more intimate setting.

In a contemporary environment, transform the Pendant Light into a captivating centerpiece within a minimalist room.

For those with diverse and eclectic tastes, contemplate clustering the lamps with others of varying shapes and sizes to craft a dynamic, multi-layered lighting effect.


Pendant Light Materials and Eco-Consciousness:

The Venus 2.0 Pendant Light is a testament to sustainability, placing environmental awareness at the forefront by employing eco-friendly production techniques and materials.

In its construction, it predominantly utilizes natural, renewable components, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable home decor elements among mindful consumers.

Significantly, this fusion of design and sustainability underscores the growing acknowledgment of our responsibility to the planet we inhabit.

The sustainability woven into the crafting of the The Venus 2.0 Pendant Light transcends mere material selection ÔÇô it extends across its entire lifecycle, making a substantial impact in reducing the carbon footprint.

Consequently, each lamp contributes not only to aesthetics but also advances the commitment to an environmentally conscious lifestyle, forging living spaces that are both environmentally friendly and beautiful.

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    • Weight:
      3 g
    • Dimensions:
      44 × 43,5 × 44 cm
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